From An Author

From An Author

It seems a century ago that I began writing stories for online forums depicting love that mirrored my own experiences, hopes, and dreams. As I look back I find myself wondering–often questioning–if my words, their lessons, and the images they leave behind are worth the paper and time it takes to string together the mad thoughts of a struggling artist.

In having such a life so filled with decadent horrors and teaching moments that rarely light can be seen through, it is easy–often hard–to believe that a sense of belonging and ultimate purpose is near. And to be so disconnected from what once brought passion and fire can be turned into a slew of marketing and trickery in an attempt to build wealth out of vulnerability and raw truth.

Long did I believe that I was cheapened and worn for conforming to the financial obliteration of literature, and now I see it for its true nature–one of accursed value that is only worth what the consumer believes it to be worth. 

And the author, just as little.

That’s not to say that the fans are to blame–in fact the opposite is true. It is the predatory nature in which books are printed and aligned with societal image that wrings authors dry of every passion until left with only muck and ill standing. A tower that builds new authors up off of key words and shock value instead of painting and recording the vibrancy of human nature that we find within ourselves and every interaction that we make.

I suppose this message to be less romantic than the accompanying stories allude to being, but sense an opportunity to enlighten perhaps not our generation, but hopefully one soon after that can continue what I hope to begin: 

The collective taking back of literature in the Americas and beyond.

Slayer Publishing is an organisation I founded with the intention of printing and distributing the work of authors in a way that favours them and gives them access to communities eager to understand their fresh ideas and perspectives. Hybrid Publishing/Vanity Publishing/Traditional Publishing no longer does that. 

It is with active disgust and ridicule that I say that not because my own work was denied–which it was and may ultimately be fair–but because through attempting to get my work published I discovered how little is given in return for an Author’s work and spirit to organisations with platforms to sell the work that they have slaved over only to be conformed to tight small packages that denote the value of the work to sell copies and push product.

I–like other authors–do hope to reach audiences on a global scale, but find that without money the possibility of that reach is slim and often overlooked if presented by people of colour.

We say the world changes–but it's untrue. It has its phases, but it is we–not the Earth–that changes to allow these stories to be told, and we that decide to promote them. And when ‘We’ turns into ‘A select and chosen few’ we limit ourselves to the stories and lessons that literature brings to us, assisting us with connecting to the highest highs and the deepest dark trenches of the human mind. 

Poeticism aside–the limitation of literature in all forms is a deep and dangerous being. And I will not stop until I see it personally slain, slaughtered, and cold to touch by the hands of authors and creators taking back the power that was stolen.

It is my hope to build Slayer Publishing into an enterprise that allows each author opportunity to promote and work in independent ways to keep the rights of their work and distribution entirely in their own hands under an organisation built to fund new creators to keep the human mind alive and dreaming, and I ask that other authors and creators join me in this task by visiting and subscribing to our mailing list so that when opportunity knocks, you can answer the call.

–P.S. Irian

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