Heavenly Nightshade: A Bifrost Saga

Heavenly Nightshade: A Bifrost Saga

I think it well past time to say that Bifrost - a spur of the moment fantasy novel I began to write to bring myself back to my love of writing - has resulted into a saga planned for numerous editions. Its sequel Nightshade recently released in ebook format and is ready for those eager to continue the story Kirk and Aztrit began.

Of all the things I could say about A Bifrost Saga, I choose only this: It takes great courage to see yourself through each phase of life - cycle by cycle, minute by minute, and each second in between. It takes even greater courage still to know when you were wrong.

Bifrost is Dark Romantic Fantasy because of my refusal to erase the steps between death and becoming. Every moment, every emotion - joy or strife - is a part of the story, bringing us closer to the end, but reminding us that even when our heart falls into darkness, we deserve to see the sun.

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