Slayer Studio Podcast

Listen in as the Slayer team talks books, movies, and creativity in an economically driven world.

About Us

Two anime and film nerds met in high school and the rest was history. A writer and a film guru - the collaborative duo have made it their mission to change the world through storytelling, photography, and motivating the community of fans and creators to put inclusive and inspired fantasies within reach. And thus Slayer was born.

About P.S. Irian

A romantic dreamer and a whimsical pisces, San Diego based Author Irian envisions fantastical romances that challenge the reader to feel the full spectrum of emotion. She brings to Slayer its current catalog and vision of fair and inclusive fiction publishing as The Creative Director behind Empressfictionhouse.


About Jake

A film guru with way more modern movie knowledge than the average person, Jake is the ultimate review of media and entertainment. With an eye for photography and directing, he brings to Slayer his vision for capturing the complexity of media as the Chief Executive Officer beind Slayer Media Reviews.