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Bifrost - A Norse Saga

Bifrost - A Norse Saga

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The beginning of a new generation of fantasy romance, Bifrost is a retelling of legends rooted in Norse Mythology.

Change comes on the winds of the Bifrost, reaching across the nine realms in the form of Ragnarök - the prophesied end of Gods and Men.

In Asgard, fear blooms for the destruction it brings.

The Allfather calls on his only daughter, Commander of his Valkyries, and ordains her with a fate changing task: to form alliances with the King of Men and make him eternal by death in her father's name.

On Midgard, war blooms centuries in the making between family and enemies alike.

The King of Men does not hesitate to raise his sword for his countrymen but quickly finds that his battles will not be easily won. Centuries of blood feuding complicate the dangers of war as the Gods interfere in the realm of men to their own ends.

Aztrit and Kirk form an alliance to save the heavens and earth, but none escape Fate's designs.
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