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Wait - A Best Friends to Lovers Romance

Wait - A Best Friends to Lovers Romance

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A new love, sweet and intense.

Drawn in by shared grief, two lovers decide that they have waited for each other for long enough. Consumed with one another, their impulsive passion leads to forbidden feelings as a young woman and her brother's best friend keep their relationship secret from their friends and family.

Eun's resolve could hold on no longer.

His promise to her brother to do nothing about her girlhood crush was getting harder and harder to maintain.
As they had sat together during the movie, Eun and Marian’s closeness had been deathly. The new perfume her mother had given her for her birthday drifted from her clean freckled skin. Even in the dark he could see warmth in her brown cheeks.
That day, she had stirred him to lessen her trauma anyway he could. He had been forced to consider her closely; bonding in understanding for the pain they were sharing at the loss of her father. Their lives had been changed, and they would have to decide what that meant for them, and their friendship.

Of course Marian loved him. But not...that way. Did she?

Marian put a hand on her heart as it pounded. Fear quickly dissipated into gripping want. He looked over his shoulder at her; a smug smirk laying off his lips as he remained satisfied with himself. She admired his glossy black hair sitting straight around his snowy ears and his pink grin.
She looked at Eun, making eye contact with him briefly as he gave her a small smile. She bent down towards the tiny abundant flames, and watched them flicker in the haze of the dim room.
 I wish he could see me. She puffed her cheeks and blew steadily. As more cheers erupted, Marian hoped her birthday wish would take hold.

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